Choosing an active senior living community like Trinity Landing is an excellent option for your retirement lifestyle. In fact, studies show that having strong relationships and frequent social interaction, like what will be found at Trinity Landing, can help you live longer! With the unparalleled services and amenities we’ve planned, coupled with the security of knowing any future healthcare needs are provided by the well-known Trinity Grove, you may be ready to say, “Sign me up!” (If you’re not ready to say, “Sign me up!” we recommend learning more about the benefits of active senior living.)

As part of the process, you’ll need to determine what contract best suits you and your financial and health needs and desires. For many, the Fee for Service contract is the ideal option.

What is the Fee for Service contract?

Most simply, the Fee for Service contract covers your home and utilities, plus dining services, and the services and amenities that will be offered at Trinity Landing. The base monthly service package is based on the level of services provided to residents in independent living, so you won’t pay for future health care services that you may never need.

The Fee for Service contract also typically offers lower entrance and monthly service fees when compared to a Life Care contract. If you were to ever need higher levels of care, you would then be charged for them as you incur the services. These services may also be paid in part or full by your existing insurance policies. This contract type still provides priority access to services at Trinity Grove like rehabilitation, assisted living, memory care, or skilled nursing, you simply won’t pay up front for the services you may not need.

Is a Fee for Service contract the right choice for me?

As always, before making a major decision like choosing your contract to move to Trinity Landing, you should meet with our team, your financial advisor, and family or good friends. But, we chose to offer the Fee for Service contract because we believe that it blends the best of both worlds – you’ll have access to our active senior living, plus the security of knowing you’ll have priority placement at Trinity Grove should your health needs ever change – without overpaying for the services you may never need.

For more information about contract options or pricing at Trinity Landing, give our team a call at 910-769-9600 or click here to schedule a personal appointment!

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