One of the wonderful things about moving to Trinity Landing will be meeting new neighbors like Sylvia and Clifford Brock.

“We already have friends, two other couples, who are moving in,” Sylvia says. “A great thing about a new community is that I’ll be able to set up my mahjong group and it won’t intrude on existing groups!”

She continues, “We’re so enthused to be working on our residence at Trinity Landing with Ann Pressly. She’s amazing. It’s a two-bedroom villa with a den. Those are the three rooms that we use now and we’ll have all the things we love.” She also says, “I like the idea of having a garage for our golf clubs and bicycles. We’ll have a place to put them.” 

“It’s a beautiful site. The community’s road is in development now, although we haven’t been out there yet. We love the idea of new friends. We like that it’s a CCRC and that we know Trinity Grove. And I love the idea of making a commitment.”

The Timing Is Ideal

As far as downsizing from their larger home in Leland, “I’d been thinking along those lines for awhile,” Sylvia relates. “We looked at a number of communities, but the timing didn’t work. One year wasn’t enough time, six years was too long. At Trinity Landing, the timing is perfect for us.”

“I’m a planner. I like knowing when it’s going to be ready. Three years is just right.” Downsizing? “You’ve got to do it,” Sylvia says, “but not have the pressure of having to move too soon.”

“Anywhere else, my husband said he wasn’t ready. Then we heard about Trinity Landing from a friend. The amenities sound wonderful and I love being on the water. I’m definitely a water person.”

She also noted that she and her husband know friends and family who have moved to Trinity Grove. Because of its strong reputation, they were very confident in choosing Trinity Landing.

More Time for Fun – and Less Time with Chores!

The maintenance-free lifestyle at Trinity Landing is also very appealing. “At our house now we have a big yard. There’s always something to do. And it never seems to all get done.” Sylvia is delighted to say that, “When we move to Trinity Landing, I’ll be happy to look at beautiful azaleas that I didn’t have to prune or feed or de-bug. I’m bringing one pot to put on the patio and that’s it!”

“The costs at Trinity Landing seem very reasonable compared to other places,” she continues. “For our house in Leland, water is very expensive, you have to find someone to feed and mow the yard, clean the gutters… and I have someone who comes in to clean. All that will be taken care of.”

Sylvia has already spoken to a realtor about starting the process of downsizing now.  “I’m looking forward to more time to play golf!”

Interestingly, a big point is that “My husband thinks he’s going to climb on the garage again and I am going to stand there by the ladder with the EMTs on speed dial!” She laughs. “We are not going to do that again. When we move, there’s somebody that can climb up and do that!”

Sylvia is glad to say that when it comes to their move to Trinity Landing, “My husband is all on board, and I could never get him interested before.”


To find out more about Trinity Landing, give us a call at 910-769-9600, or click here and request more information about the benefits of a community like Trinity Landing.

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