When Stephanie Carr moved to Wilmington more than 30 years ago, she quickly found her place in this tight-knit community. She owned several retail stores, including a toy store and a swap shop. Stephanie also got to know the community through her radio show on WAAV. Her passion for interacting with others and desire to help others led her to become a Certified Laugh Leader, a role in which she taught people how to laugh – a therapeutic approach recognized by a variety of organizations.

Stephanie Carr is happy that she's a Trinity Landing depositor










“It’s a technique that works for everybody, but is particularly effective with Alzheimer’s patients,” explained Stephanie. “Laughter and things like that are the last connection that they have with the outside world and it is truly amazing the progress that some individuals made.”

A few years ago, Stephanie became very ill, which led her to reassess her future plans. While her dog, Daisy, was with her through everything, as a single woman with no local family, Stephanie knew the time was right to consider her best options for moving.

After Stephanie recovered, she began looking for a place to move. She was unimpressed with what she found. Never big on community living in general, Stephanie didn’t get a great feeling about any of the existing communities. Then she began seeing ads for Trinity Landing.

“Every time I picked up my Nook or turned my TV on, it was Trinity Landing – I thought maybe someone is trying to tell me something,” she said.

Stephanie decided to learn more about Trinity Landing – and fell in love with John [Frye], Ann [Pressly] and Candy [Haynes]. But there was another hurdle to jump – Stephanie’s home wouldn’t be complete without Daisy – could Daisy move with her? When Stephanie found out Trinity Landing will be pet-friendly, it helped seal the deal!

“I took Daisy [to the Welcome Center], and we signed up. We’re depositor number 211!” said Stephanie.

Beyond being pet-friendly, Stephanie was looking for a few other important details. Trinity Landing’s location – on the water – isn’t something she can find anywhere else. The more she talked with John, Ann and Candy, the more confident Stephanie became that this would be a good place to live.

After discussing the amenities, floor plans, and services, Stephanie summed up her impression of Trinity Landing into one sentence: “The possibilities are incredible.”

To see how your possibilities can unfold at Trinity Landing, call us at 910-769-9600 or request a personal appointment.


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