Aside from its location along the calm, shimmering waters of the Intracoastal Waterway in Wilmington, Trinity Landing will offer a more traditional form of water access, too. As this new rendering shows, the Trinity Landing Aquatic Center will include a generously sized (60-foot by 24-foot) saltwater pool and an inviting semi-circular hot tub.

To get more details on this beautiful space, we spoke with Nate Futrell, Trinity Landing’s Director of Health and Wellness Services, who had a key role in designing the Aquatic Center. Nate shared how the details of the space will make it special, and how members of the community will be able to maximize wellness and fun each day.

Expertly designed with fitness and fun in mind

When starting the design of the Trinity Landing Aquatic Center, the community’s development team leaned on Nate for his experience in crafting effective wellness spaces for active older adults. Nate explained that the pool will range in depth from 3-foot-9 to 4-foot-9, with three 7.5-foot wide lap lanes, and an innovative depth arrangement that he’s only seen one other time in the state of North Carolina.

“I’ve seen what works for pools in these communities and what doesn’t,” Nate shared. “So, for our Aquatic Center, I suggested that instead of sloping the pool depth the entire [60-foot] length of the pool the ‘long way,’ we should slope the depth from the stairs side toward the hot tub side, the ‘short way.’ With this design, we’ll have an entire 60-foot stretch of shallow water that residents can use for stand-up water activities.”

But the special design elements don’t end there.

“We decided to put the pool’s entrance stairs offset on the side, instead of at one of the ends,” Nate explained. “The offset steps will provide easy access into the shallow end and allow much more usable shallow space. This arrangement will also allow the full length of the pool to remain uninterrupted for lap swims or aquatic classes with a lot of people.”

Speaking of actually using the pool, Nate touched on the invigorating programming planned for the Aquatic Center that will put these special design features into action.

“We’ll have three levels of water aerobics, individualized one-on-one programming, dedicated times for lap swimming, water volleyball, water polo and other water games,” Nate shared. “We’ll also be hosting pool parties and luaus that will spread to the outside courtyard area that’s connected to the Aquatic Center. Even more exciting is that the residents’ family and friends will be welcome to join any event or group class, too. It’s going to be a vibrant spot!”

More than meets the eye

Beyond the eye-catching features that the rendering shows, such as the stylish “barrel” ceiling and 18-foot windows, Nate shared that a few other “unseen” benefits can also be found within the Trinity Landing Aquatic Center.

“The rendering doesn’t show it, but toward the end of the stairs, the pool will feature a built-in 7-foot underwater L-shaped bench that residents will be able to sit on and do water exercises or simply relax in the water without having to stand or swim,” Nate said.

Nate also explained that even the pool deck itself is special. It’s made of an innovative material called rubaroc that not only looks and feels great, but also is virtually slip-proof and is also semi-porous to prevent puddles from forming on the deck.

Finally, the most important element to any pool – the water – will be saltwater, which Nate explained has several practical benefits: “Saltwater makes you more buoyant in the water, stresses your joints less, doesn’t harm swimwear and doesn’t have any foul scent like chlorine does.”

So, whether you’re enjoying water aerobics or relaxing in the crescent-shaped hot tub and its adjacent 18-foot windows, the Trinity Landing Aquatic Center will provide both obvious and subtle elements that inspire overall wellness.

Making the wait exciting, too

While Trinity Landing will break ground later this year, in the meantime Nate is providing wellness and fitness programming for dozens of individuals and couples who have made their reservation deposits and joined the Trinity Landing Founder’s Club.

“The Founder’s Club has been enjoying multiple events each week,” Nate said. “Every Tuesday and Thursday we offer a circuit training class with TRX bands that focuses on balance and core strength. Each Friday we do a ‘wellness walk’ – a scenic tour around Wrightsville Beach or Carolina Beach. Each month, we also do at least one wellness-focused social event such as ‘Disc Golf and Brews.’ We’re also planning a kayaking trip along the Masonboro Sound this fall to get everyone used to the Intracoastal Waterway and its estuaries.”

Friendships forming ‘right before our eyes’

Although the activities themselves are fun for Nate, he most enjoys seeing the bigger-picture benefit of bringing future Trinity Landing neighbors together.

“My favorite part with what we’re doing today is that even though we’re a ‘community without walls’ right now, we’re bringing people together and relationships are developing right before our eyes,” Nate shared. “I’m seeing folks who didn’t know each other become friends, and the best part is that these friendships are developing naturally through wellness.”

If you’d like to learn more about the Trinity Landing Aquatic Center and the wellness and fitness initiatives that Nate is spearheading for the soon-to-be-built community, he’d love to meet you! Simply click here or call 910-398-9400 to get in touch today.

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