Because of the location of the soon-to-be-built community along the Intracoastal Waterway in Wilmington, the Trinity Landing team knows that storms are no joke. From the very beginning, the community was designed with hurricane and storm surge safety in mind. The goal was to make Trinity Landing easily capable of withstanding a Category 4 hurricane (including winds of up to 147 miles per hour!).

Trinity Landing already once proved the security of its location and site plan when it survived Hurricane Florence in 2018, and now, with Hurricane Dorian, it has proved its strength again.

The effect (or lack thereof) of Hurricane Dorian

After Hurricane Dorian passed, the Trinity Landing team assessed the community’s future site to see if the storm had caused any damage. When they arrived, they discovered that only two trees had fallen. Moreover, the water levels did not even rise past the normal high tide line!

Frye post dorian

The Trinity Landing team said that they were happy and relieved, despite the fact that the site “survived a lot worse during Hurricane Florence.” They went on to say that the fact that the property has been virtually unscathed during two different storms gives them confidence that Trinity Landing is in a great position to safely weather future storm events.

trinity landing site post dorian

Safety is the top priority

A number of features will make Trinity Landing very robust in the midst of a hurricane. First, the entire section of land that Trinity Landing is building its residences on is well outside the “100-year flood zone.” In fact, the entire area is actually more elevated than much of Wilmington itself. Second, to further assist in flood prevention, Trinity Landing also has an erosion control system, which can be used to drain a massive amount of rain completely offsite.

As the team explained when reviewing the impact of Dorian: “The erosion control system worked perfectly again. The upper portion of the site drained without any issues and the lower portion did not suffer the effects of the storm surge.”

Trinity Landing has more than just flood preparedness up its sleeves, though. Another huge part of designing safe communities along the coast is wind resistance. Trinity Landing homes are designed to withstand extreme wind loads, thanks to a number of unique features. For instance, each building’s walls will be bolted to the ground with concrete anchors. Likewise, the roof joists also will be strapped to the walls, creating a tightly secured shelter from wind and rain.

There will, of course, be protocol for every scenario. Whether the smartest decision is to evacuate or stay put, the Trinity Landing team prioritizes the safety of its residents above all else. And, as we have seen in Hurricane Dorian, its efforts are paying off. If you’re interested in learning more about Trinity Landing, call 910-769-9600 or click here for a free info kit.

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