Trinity Landing, a soon-to-be-built Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) in Wilmington, North Carolina, has a team that’s putting a lot of passion and care into crafting the future of this energetic community. The team’s goal is to combine a coastal, vacation lifestyle with the magic of southern hospitality to create a vibrant landing spot for active, post-career adults like you.

To do this, the Trinity Landing team hosts activities and events that will build a “community without walls” before on-site construction even begins. For those who are interested, there are plenty of engaging preview events, plus special get-togethers (like group fitness, marine biology tours, and disc golf happy hours) for those who have already reserved their coastal residences.

As for the community itself, and to complement its active social lifestyle, the team also ensured that the campus will offer lots of social hubs. We have already gotten a glimpse at the Waterfront Pavilion. Now it’s time to explore a new rendering of the Boardwalk Bistro!

Spacious and hip

The first thing you will notice about the Boardwalk Bistro is that it is serene and spacious. Vibrant artwork and furniture are spread throughout the room, creating a comfortable, casual, and inviting atmosphere. It’s easy to imagine yourself here.

Perhaps you want to stop by for a healthy snack after a solo swim at the aquatic center, perhaps you are meeting friends, or maybe you’re just taking a pit stop between destinations. Regardless, you step into the Boardwalk Bistro and the whole room is lit up by the sun through large windows. Your friends mill about and socialize. You order from the stylish menu featuring a rotating lineup of wholesome smoothies and fresh coffee specialties.

When you get your beverage, you retreat to either the comfy couches or the elevated seats near the windows.  No matter how long you’re there, the hip design encourages fun and relaxation.

Casual dining

Top-tier dining is at the very heart of Trinity Landing’s identity. And while its chef is sure to regularly provide delicious farm-to-table meals, sometimes you may just want to kick back and grab a bite in a more casual environment. Or perhaps you don’t have time for a sit-down meal, so you want to eat on-the-go. This is the strength of the Boardwalk Bistro: there’s no time commitment and no need to stay put – just a consistent, tasty menu.

And just because you’ll be dining casually doesn’t mean that your food won’t be high quality or healthy! In addition to light fare, the Boardwalk Bistro will feature an extensive list of delicious and nutritious smoothies. If you want to explore the healthy, organic options on the menu or if you just want a nice, cold treat, you’ll find something perfect for the occasion.

A social hub

Like the Waterfront Pavilion, the Boardwalk Bistro is also an ideal place to rendezvous or socialize. The casual environment and spacious design are perfect for spending time with friends in between adventures.

For instance, imagine that you are about to go to downtown Wilmington for the day with a group of old and new friends. You choose the Boardwalk Bistro as your meeting spot. You arrive, grab a coffee, and relax on one of the sofas in the back. Slowly, your group assembles, but in the meantime, you catch up with other residents, sip your brew, and enjoy the sunlight.

On the flipside, imagine that you just finished an adventure. After a day of kayaking, you are ready to go back to your customized residence and relax. On the way, you and your friends decide to get a smoothie. The detour takes no time at all, and before you know it, you’re sitting in your home with a refreshing and healthy blended beverage. Life is good when it’s this simple.

If you’re interested in learning more about what Trinity Landing has to offer, call 910-769-9600 or click here for a free information kit.

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