When people begin researching senior living communities, one of the major areas to examine is the financial aspect. We’ve previously explained the entrance fee and explored whether or not a fee-for-service contract could be right for you. Now, we’re explaining the monthly service package – what it is, what’s included, and how it provides value to your everyday life.

In short, the monthly service package takes care of all of the tedious monthly bills you pay in your current house – plus additional services and amenities you don’t currently have.

Say “Goodbye” to the chores that take up your time

If you’d love to never have to clean windows or rake leaves again, Trinity Landing just might be the place for you. Services included in the monthly service package include:

  • Concierge services
  • Flexible dining plan
  • Housekeeping and linen services
  • All interior and exterior home maintenance
  • All utilities
  • Basic cable TV
  • Local phone service
  • Wi-Fi at home and throughout the community
  • 24-hour personal security system
  • Grounds and landscaping maintenance
  • Scheduled group transportation

These services mean your time is freed up for, well, whatever you’d rather be doing. If you notice something needs to be repaired, a simple call to the Trinity Landing concierge will be all you need to do. No researching contractors or laborers to do the repairs, then organizing estimates – it’s all taken care of by skilled Trinity Landing staff. No more weekends spent raking and mowing, or washing windows and baseboards.

And “Hello” to Your Favorite Hobbies

What will you do with this new-found time? One thing you could do is take advantage of Trinity Landing’s stellar amenities on the intracoastal waterway. Your monthly service package includes access to:

  • Multiple dining venues
  • Social and cultural activities
  • Kayaking
  • Fishing
  • Clubs, hobby groups, and educational programs
  • Fitness and wellness classes
  • Nearby Beaches
  • Library/media center
  • State of the art gym equipment
  • A personal trainer
  • All-season pool

Whether you’d like to spend your time enjoying your favorite hobbies and activities or exploring new ones, you’ll have access to a plethora of options at Trinity Landing!

And if you’re excited to share your knowledge with others, Trinity Landing is already creating a thriving resident-driven community – and many of the clubs, events and activities will be based on suggestions from residents. If you’re passionate about water volleyball, you can start a friendly competition, or perhaps you love performing and want to create a variety show. Wherever your passions fall, you’ll have more time to explore them.

All of these services and amenities are included in Trinity Landing’s monthly service package, meaning you no longer have to pay separately for gym membership, personal training, electricity, cable, internet, mortgage, dining out, pool access, landscaping… the list goes on. Combined with the added value of the time you save when you don’t have to manage the maintenance, we think you’ll agree it’s a great value.

To learn more about everything that’s offered at Trinity Landing, give our team a call at 910-769-9600 or click here. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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