Lin and Ozzie at Trinity Landing

Lin (pictured on the right) and Ozzie (pictured on the left) currently live about a mile up the road from Trinity Landing in a marina-style community. If you go down to their boat slip on the Intracoastal, you can just about see the land where Trinity Landing is being developed.

Lin and Ozzie had been looking for a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), and had actually put down a deposit at a different community. Then they heard an ad about Trinity Landing being built right on the Intracoastal, only a mile or so away, and they decided to check it out.

“I wanted to be near water. I put my foot down,” Lin shared. “The other place wasn’t near water. You’d have to get in the car and drive to the beach.”

Their new home is going to be a Southport residence about halfway between the main building and the water, a compromise that satisfies both Lin, who wanted to be as close to the water as possible, and Ozzie, who wanted to be in the main building.

Building Community

When visiting Trinity Landing, Lin and Ozzie felt the same welcoming atmosphere that had led them to living in Wilmington 10 years ago.

“Ann, Candy, and Nate really seem to celebrate diversity,” said Lin. “They were very welcoming of us.”

“Once we made the decision to deposit, Ann, Nate and Candy have been providing all sorts of opportunities to meet new neighbors, and it’s wonderful,” she continued. “The people we’ve met are really great.”

Lin is an active member of the wellness outings Nate plans – including regular walks around Wrightsville Beach. Both women participate in the social activities.

They both attended the trip to see the Festival of Trees at Fort Fisher, and a party that was held in advance of The Big Game in early February – that featured plenty of eating, drinking, and fun.

“There was a firepit and smores, a guitarist who was a very experienced musician, and cornhole and football toss,” said Lin.

“We have a core of new friends we seem to stick to,” said Ozzie, “but we meet new people each time too. It’s a friendly crowd of people.”

As much fun as Lin and Ozzie are having getting to know their future neighbors now, they’re looking forward even more to moving in and being there full-time.

Planning for Fun

“If the activities they plan now are any indication, the days are going to be fun!” said Lin. “We’re looking forward to being on the water, and participating in all the activities they plan in the wellness center. We’re excited about discovering people who have similar interests.”

“Nate had us list our different interests,” said Ozzie. “Then, we can identify people with similar interests. There’s going to be a lot going on – book club, ping pong, pool just to name a few.”

Lin is looking forward to meeting new people as she explores two of her favorite hobbies – woodworking and fishing – and hopefully spending some time out on a boat.

There is one thing Lin and Ozzie wish they could change about Trinity Landing, however.

“Our only hope is that Trinity Landing gets done sooner,” Lin said. “We’re ready now!”

If you’re interested in learning more about all of the fun Trinity Landing offers, give our friendly team a call at 910-769-9600 or click here to download a free Information Kit!

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