Trinity Landing is an upcoming Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) in Wilmington, North Carolina, that is generating a lot of buzz. With the opening planned for 2022, residences are being reserved at a record pace! So, why are so many Wilmington-area folks excited for this community?

It could be its beautiful location on the Intracoastal Waterway or the impressive list of resort-style amenities and services Trinity Landing has to offer. People may be attracted to the culture of Carolina hospitality and the friendliness of their soon-to-be neighbors. Or perhaps the wide array of exciting activities has gotten people’s attention. The list goes on.

While there are many reasons that Trinity Landing will be a positive and magnetic community, one thing is for sure: people love the residences. From the Roanoke to the Currituck, Trinity Landing offers top-tier apartment homes and villas that are equal parts customizable and spacious.

And speaking of spacious, we want to introduce one of the roomiest apartment homes that Trinity Landing has to offer: the Manteo.

The comfort of the Manteo residence

Manteo Floor Plan

With 1,505 square feet of space, the Manteo apartment home offers room to entertain and room to spare. It has two bedrooms, each with its own full bathroom, making the Manteo perfect for hosting your grandkids or out-of-town friends overnight. If you don’t want to use the second bedroom as a guest room, you can repurpose it to fit any need. Perhaps a dedicated study, hobby room, or art studio? The choice is yours!

Similarly, the den acts as a fantastic flex space for any number of needs, whether social or practical. It also connects directly to the spacious balcony, where you can relax and enjoy the vista with a cool iced tea. The balcony is conveniently linked to the living room as well, making it very accessible and perfect for social gatherings.

This brings us to the centerpiece of the Manteo: the living area. The Manteo elegantly combines the dining room, kitchen, and living room into one social hub. The kitchen is L-shaped and open, meaning you’ll never have to miss a conversation while dinner simmers. Imagine, after a long day of adventuring along the Intracoastal Waterway and soaking up the Carolina sun, you invite your new neighbors over for dinner and drinks.

Music plays as you cook, and you and your new friends enjoy each other’s company late into the evening. Life is easy. Even the cooking itself is a breeze because the kitchen is also stocked with modern, maintenance-free appliances. In fact, the entire apartment home is maintenance-free. Trinity Landing provides all maintenance, so you can spend your time and energy on the things you love.

The Manteo II

Manteo II Floor Plan

The Manteo apartment home also has a sister residence called the Manteo II, which provides a similar amount of space but with a new and exciting layout! Where the Manteo is more consolidated in its space, combining the living room with the dining room and the kitchen, the Manteo II spreads its square footage out into more segmented parts of the apartment. The best example of this is the living room, which is located in its own section of the apartment and is noticeably larger than the Manteo’s living room.

In this same spirit, the balcony of the Manteo II is more private. Instead of connecting to the common area, the balcony of the Manteo II is located directly outside the master bedroom. Whereas the Manteo’s balcony is more primed for guests, the Manteo II’s balcony offers you a moment to yourself. It is perfect for reflection and relaxation. Ultimately, the decision between the Manteo and the Manteo II comes down to preference. Do you value a larger living area over a den? Do you prefer a more private balcony or a more socially focused one? You are free to decide what works best for you.

This freedom is emblematic of what Trinity Landing will offer its residents: choice. When living in the Manteo, you decide how you want to arrange it. You decide the purpose of each room. You choose the color palette, countertops, fixtures, and the furniture. You decide how you want to spend your time – not which chore to handle next.

Whatever you choose, your Trinity Landing experience will be simple, sunny, and uniquely you. If you’re interested in landing here, living here, and loving life here, click here for a free info kit or call our friendly team today at 910-769-9600.

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