Jack and Becky Berry have been married for nearly 60 years, and they’ve been happy to let their faith guide them the whole way. They’ve been doing so since before they tied the knot, and will continue to do so all the way to their next adventure at Trinity Landing!

“God had to work really hard to get us married,” Jack said. “When you hear the whole story, it’s like reading the book of Esther: Everything that happened was divine intervention.”

It’s no surprise that they let their strong faith guide them toward their next step in life together. When construction finishes in 2022, Jack and Becky will be two of the newest residents at Trinity Landing, a coastal, faith-based, not-for-profit Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) in Wilmington.

“Us being able to move to Trinity Landing feels like divine intervention, too,” Becky shared. “We had our dream home built in Goldsboro [North Carolina], and we thought we would age in place. But when we found out about Trinity Landing from our son who does a lot of work in Wilmington, it just really made sense.”

A fresh start 

Wilmington is a top-50 city to retire to in the United States, and it’s becoming more popular among active older individuals and couples each year. So, when Jack and Becky initially visited the area on their son’s advice, they had no shortage of options to cull. In the end, Trinity Landing set itself apart with how it will be a fresh start.

“We went down there and investigated all the places we could find,” Jack explained. “We really liked what we heard about Trinity Landing the best. The major reason is that everyone will be starting out new; there won’t be an established pecking order. All of our future neighbors will be looking for friends and doing fun things like us.”

Becky also noted that although construction has only recently begun, Trinity Landing already has a special community spirit that they want to embrace: “We’re very fond of Ann and Nate and Candy. They’re such a huge help and so pleasant to be around,” she said.

A perfect home base

Jack and Becky are also excited to make their new home in one of the two-bedroom Manteo floor plans within the main building on Trinity Landing’s waterside campus.

“We’ll have very easy access to all the activities and amenities,” Jack said. “It will be very convenient. We went to another place that reminded me of base housing from my 26 years in the Air Force with what felt like a central chow hall—not here!”

Jack is right: Trinity Landing will offer multiple on-site restaurants to suit your taste, which Becky is looking forward to enjoying as well.

“We’re excited about having the restaurants and meals available when we want them and when we don’t want to cook,” Becky added.

A wellness-focused, secure future 

Although Jack and Becky aren’t currently quite close enough to take part in the Trinity Landing Saltwater Wellness programs with their fellow Founder’s Club members, they’re looking forward to similar activities with their new neighbors when the time comes.

“I currently bike about 20 miles per week, and we’re excited to do those kind of things; walking and biking around the Trinity Landing grounds and using the Aquatic Center and exercise area, too,” Jack said.

Jack and Becky said that another factor that made choosing Trinity Landing even easier was its established reputation and the availability of trusted healthcare services, should their needs change in the future.

“The assurance of receiving medical care at Trinity Grove, from Lutheran Services Carolinas, also set Trinity Landing apart for us,” Becky said. “We feel very blessed to have those services nearby if we need them.”

It’s very easy to tell that Jack and Becky Berry have a clear awareness of and appreciation for the blessings they’ve received in life, from what originally brought them together to where they are headed now.

Trinity Landing will welcome them (and everyone else, regardless of beliefs) with a positive energy and spirit that will make this CCRC the premier choice for retirement living in North Carolina. We invite you to learn more, so simply click here to download our info kit or call 910-398-9400 to request a private, personalized tour!

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