With construction well underway and progressing steadily toward our planned opening in 2022, Trinity Landing is literally laying the groundwork for what will become the Wilmington area’s only not-for-profit, waterfront Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). Beyond the brand-new homes and stellar location along the Intracoastal Waterway, it’s also the people and distinct community attitude that will make Trinity Landing stand out among all the retirement communities in North Carolina.

To see what we mean, and to get to know a few of your future neighbors in the meantime, just check out what our Founder’s Club members have said about us!

Friendly team. Friendly vibe. Friendly community.

If you haven’t gotten to know our team yet, Ann, Nate, and Candy make up the crew who are already building a “community without walls” as this coastal Carolinian retreat takes shape.

“Once we made the decision to deposit, Ann, Nate, and Candy have been providing all sorts of opportunities to meet new neighbors, and it’s wonderful. The people we’ve met are really great,” Lin and Ozzie said. “If the activities they plan now are any indication, the days here are going to be fun!”

Plus, our team’s natural energy perfectly matches the unique community spirit we’re creating at Trinity Landing, and the folks who have met us have also noticed.

Luana and Clyde Queen shared their perspective by saying, “There’s a warmness and sincerity about the people involved. Everyone on the team has been so helpful in answering all of our questions.”

“I think it’s critically important to be in a supportive community with rituals and a sense of belonging,” Clancy Thompson added. “There is a sense of community here already, and I really enjoyed being with [the Trinity Landing team] and talking to them.”

And speaking of a sense of belonging, Trinity Landing will have a welcoming culture at its core. This community will embrace all older adults: You don’t need to be Lutheran either.

Lin noticed this herself, saying, “Ann, Candy, and Nate really seem to celebrate diversity. They were very welcoming of us.”

Unlimited opportunities for fun

Further separating itself from the other CCRCs in Wilmington, Trinity Landing will take full advantage of its waterside location and park-like grounds.

So, what are just a few of the nearly endless opportunities you’ll find our Founder’s Club members enjoying? Here are some examples straight from folks who have already made the proactive decision to move to Trinity Landing:

  • “We are looking forward to being on the water and being able to go down to the waterfront pavilion for events,” Charlie Reap “I want to be around happy and lively people. That’s what we found at Trinity Landing.”
  • “We’re looking forward to being on the water, and participating in all the activities they plan in the wellness center,” Lin “We’re excited about discovering people who have similar interests.”
  • “Trinity Landing will be more park-like than a residential community, with its scenic trails that go down to the water. The amenities and location just can’t compare,” Jerry Bramley

Lutheran Services Carolinas provides a firm foundation

We’re not starting from scratch. We’re building on the trusted reputation of Lutheran Services Carolinas, a nonprofit that has served seniors in our region for more than 100 years. With that comes a sense of security that is coupled with the fact that Trinity Landing will be a CCRC connected to regionally respected Trinity Grove.

Members of our Founder’s Club have come to know us, thanks to our trusted supporting organizations, and Guy and Susie Beale are no exception: “We’re familiar a little bit at least with Trinity Grove,” Guy said. “We know that the Lutheran Services Carolinas organizations that do all of the senior living communities and [run the Lutheran relief efforts] all have a very good reputation.”

Don and Meg Smith, also Founder’s Club members, “like that [Trinity Landing] is associated with Lutheran Services Carolinas,” and appreciate the connection to Trinity Grove. “It’s really about the peace of mind,” Don explained.

Along those lines, Charlie and Karen Reap understand the value of securing your future by choosing a CCRC in North Carolina like Trinity Landing.

“We are planning for the future,” Charlie shared. “We are in good shape now, but we are planning for being around for a while. Trinity Landing offers us the confidence that we can be taken care of if we ever need it.”

At Trinity Landing, the confidence that Charlie mentioned goes beyond the care you will receive if your needs ever change. It also means that living a wellness-focused lifestyle will let you successfully age in place and live healthier, longer. In fact, many of our Founder’s Club members are already experiencing this invigorating lifestyle thanks to our Trinity Landing Saltwater Wellness program!

Getting social

Now that you’ve heard what so many Founder’s Club members have said and shared, you can follow along with the Trinity Landing Saltwater Wellness program on Facebook, and be sure to “like” our main Trinity Landing page as well. Lots of individuals and couples like you already have, and they’ve also left us some amazing reviews and recommendations to support how this will be simply the best opportunity for retirees in Wilmington:

  • Lorie Aldridge: “This is going to be an amazing retirement community for seniors from Wilmington and beyond!”
  • Jack Connery: “This will be a tremendous addition to Lutheran Services Carolinas.”
  • Phyllis Ruhland Melton: “5 stars”

All that’s left for you to do now is get in touch with us to coordinate your own safety-conscious private appointment while availability of our coastal residences still remains. Simply click here or call 910-398-9400 today. We can’t wait to meet you!

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