Trinity Landing, the newest, most exciting community coming to the Intracoastal Waterway in Wilmington, is making impressive progress! If you’ve been following along with our Facebook page, you’ve seen multiple photo updates each week showing all sorts of activity down by the coast. Members of our community are checking out their future homes, testing the waters and enjoying the beachfront lifestyle, before all the walls are even up!

Speaking of walls, our construction team from W.M. Jordan has been working incredibly hard to bring the brick-and-mortar parts of Trinity Landing to life. When those pristine spaces are ready to welcome all the friendly faces of our community, this will surely be the best active senior living community in N.C.!

For the story behind all the construction photos and more exclusive details, we enjoyed the chance to speak with Randy McNeely, a Project Executive at W.M. Jordan. This is what he shared with us. (Hint: There’s a lot to get excited about!)

Trinity Landing’s Town Center is coming together

trinity landing construction

Our Town Center will undoubtedly be the “hub” of the sun-drenched, activity-filled daily life here at Trinity Landing. It’s where many of the community’s resort-style amenities will be located, as well as several wings of brand-new residences. And it’s all right on track.

“The entire Town Center is framed and ‘dried in’ [made rainproof with roof protection and home wrap], with the exception of the pool and fitness center,” Randy said. “We’ve started drywall in wing A, and completing drywall for the other wings [B, C, D and E] will take about a month each.”

With drywall phase of Town Center now well underway, Randy said the team is also focusing on the exteriors of wings A and C. They’re getting the siding and brick work done on those wings so that they can start building out the wonderful courtyard space.

Of course, the W.M. Jordan crew is working efficiently—and simultaneously—on many other aspects of the budding community, too.

Much to do, many milestones to achieve

Randy also commented on the progress of Trinity Landing’s villas, which are some of the most sought-after residences we offer.

“Villas 12 and 13 are roughed in with inspections underway, and we’ll start drywall on those in early April,” he explained. “Villas 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 are all in various stages of framing, rough-in and masonry, but they’re on schedule and we are happy with the progress on all of those homes.”

As the work on the Town Center and villas continues, Randy noted that the next six months or so will feature completion of most of the drywall. The drywall completion is an exciting milestone, as it serves as the catalyst for the residences truly taking shape, inside and out.

This is because once the all the custom finishes are selected, ordered and received (after four to six months), the building team will be able to start the interiors of all the residences. Most of which have been specifically personalized by future members of our community!

On another part of campus later this spring, Randy said that progress will begin on one of Trinity Landing’s signature features; one that has much to do with its coastal location.

“In mid-April, we hope to start building the bridge from the mainland to the island where the Waterfront Pavilion will be located,” he said. “From my experience, very few projects have special features like that.”

He’s right, and the bridge isn’t the only unique feature that will set Trinity Landing apart from all the other senior living communities near Wilmington. The boat slips and golf cart barn—even the use of solar panels throughout— are specific features that Randy mentioned one would not expect to find at a community like ours.

The icing on the cake? “I’ve never been on a more gorgeous piece of property,” he added.

‘First-class, all the way’

Randy has been involved in countless construction projects during his career, and when speaking with him, it was easy to notice that he believes that Trinity Landing is simply unlike all the rest.

“I’ve been involved with the team at Trinity Landing and Lutheran Services Carolinas for three years now, and I have to say there’s not a better team I’ve worked with,” he said.

Randy continued, saying, “This is one of those projects where it’s a great project with a fantastic organization, as well as stellar teammates like SFCS Architects. Trinity Landing’s approach to everything, and what they’ll be providing, it’s first-class all the way.”

Our plan is for that to continue, throughout the rest of construction, the grand opening, and decades into the future. We invite you to join our story, because this really will be a special place along the glistening Carolina shores.

To get in touch with our team for a tour, so that you can see all the construction progress firsthand, simply click here or call Ann Pressly at 910-398-9400 today. We can’t wait to meet you!

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