Landing in North Carolina by way of Philadelphia, Evan and Karen Jenkins are no strangers to adventure. Their successful careers took them all around the eastern seaboard, and more recently, they’ve happily enjoyed living along the Atlantic coast since around 2008.

Currently, the Jenkinses live at a large 55+ community in coastal North Carolina, but they’ve set their sights on making Trinity Landing their next home. Why? For this friendly pair, it comes down to family, fun, and future.

The family factor

The Jenkinses are leaving a 55+ community in NC for Trinity Landing

Evan and Karen have family ties bringing them to Trinity Landing, and those connections come on a couple of levels.

Evan and Karen were made aware of communities like Trinity Landing—where people can live actively and independently with services on-site should their health needs change—through the experience of Karen’s father.

“Back in the early 90s, Karen’s dad lived at an independent living community near Philadelphia and absolutely loved it,” Evan explained. “We lived about five miles from there at the time and he would even bring his friends from the community over to our house to swim in our pool while we worked. So, we’re familiar with the positives that come with this type of community.”

As for the other family connection, it’s actually similar to what Evan and Karen had in place back in Philadelphia with Karen’s father. But this time, it’s with their own daughter.

“Trinity Landing is actually only three miles from where our daughter, Michelle, lives,” Evan said. “And that’s a big reason that this community won out. Michelle actually became aware of Trinity Landing because our grandson attends middle school near there, and Michelle would see the signs and construction progress when she went to pick him up.”

Evan and Karen had been looking at other communities in the area, but they said that the proximity to Michelle that they will have at Trinity Landing really sealed the deal.

“Our daughter was sort of a salesperson for Trinity Landing, too. She kept saying, ‘I can be there in three minutes!’” Evan joked.

Already having fun—with so much more to come

If you’ve missed out on all the activity happening at Trinity Landing, you can get a glimpse of it all on our Facebook page. Evan and Karen have already taken part in quite a bit, and they’re looking forward to much more once we open our doors next year.

Earlier this spring, Evan and Karen joined us for a fun outdoor event that featured a document shredding truck (to help clear some clutter), live music, and a food truck. They even brought along a couple of their neighbors from where they currently live, and they expect that those friends will be joining them here along the Intracoastal Waterway, too!

Whether you want to bring along longtime friends or make new ones, Trinity Landing will warmly welcome everyone. The Jenkinses are excited for both.

“We’ve moved six times and have never had trouble, and especially here, everyone will be looking to make new friends,” Karen said. “It’s always fun meeting new people, sort of like going on a cruise!”

Focused on a bright future

Admittedly, Karen was a little hesitant to part with the house that she and Evan have shared for more than 10 years. However, now that she and Evan have gotten to walk through their exact residence under construction at Trinity Landing, that hesitancy has transformed to excitement. They’re already way ahead of the game when it comes to downsizing, too.

“It was nice to walk through our new home and take some measurements,” Evan noted. “We’re in the process of cleaning our current house and getting rid of things we’ve accumulated. Our daughter also has a friend in Wilmington who will help design for us a built-in shelving space for our wall, so we can display some of our favorite keepsakes.”

Karen said that just like their current house, they were able to select and customize their home at Trinity Landing (a spacious Beaufort two-bedroom-plus-den) with some personal touches. They picked their favorite flooring, paint colors, and lighting and plumbing fixtures, and chose an upgraded refrigerator.

And because home is all about who you share it with, Karen and Evan made sure to choose a first-floor residence so they can easily get outside to walk their dogs! Trinity Landing, unlike many other senior living communities in North Carolina, is pet-friendly, so the Jenkinses’ dogs, a Brittany and a mutt, will be right at home here, right away.

It won’t be too long until Evan, Karen and their pooches will be strolling the park-like Trinity Landing grounds together, spending time in the amenity-rich Town Center, and enjoying endless peace of mind.

In the meantime, they’re looking forward to this next step in life and are glad that they won’t have to worry about the security of their future either. And for someone who spent 23 years in the Secret Service, Evan sure does know a thing or two about security!

Construction is well underway at Trinity Landing and availability of our brand-new coastal residences is dwindling further by the day. We encourage you to contact us for a personal, private appointment so that you can take advantage of this can’t-miss opportunity. Simply click here to get in touch or call 910-769-9600 today.

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