In 2018, we met Jerry and Zan Bramley, excited depositors looking forward to amenity-rich, waterfront living at Trinity Landing. As we got to know Jerry and Zan back then, the Bramleys told us about their hobbies, their experience becoming depositors and the type of residence they desired. Now, a couple of years later, we followed up with Jerry and Zan to learn what they’ve been up to and what they’re looking forward to most now that Trinity Landing is just months from opening!

Involved decision makers from the start

Jerry and Zan, who have been involved from the get-go, are already highly engaged members of Trinity Landing. In fact, Jerry is planning to be the first president of the resident association. “It came about because I was asked by the Executive Director, Bonnie Skobel, who I’ve known since she worked as an administrator down the road at Trinity Grove. I was the chair of the board of trustees for Lutheran Services Carolinas [Trinity Landing’s sponsor], so I’m intimately aware of what the duties are for such a position.” Jerry further explained that while future presidents will be elected, he was appointed as the first president because Trinity Landing residents will have moved in before the first round of voting can occur.

In addition to Jerry preparing for his new role as president, he and Zan have also gotten involved in the many exciting Trinity Landing depositor events, parties, and social gatherings hosted by the Trinity Landing team. “What fun! Everyone has their own personality and perspective on the unbelievable life we’re looking forward to,” Zan said about her new neighbors. “People are just so involved.” The Bramleys have also regularly taken part in the Total Resistance Exercise (TRX) program with the Director of Health and Wellness Services, Nate Futrell.

Through all these activities and gatherings, Jerry and Zan have met many of their kind new neighbors. Jerry said, “One of the reasons we’re looking forward to Trinity Landing so much is that we already know so many people.” Zan responded, “My dilemma is this: Who will I eat dinner with? I love everybody, there are too many options!”

The Bramleys were also excited to be a part of the brainstorming up to the final development and completion of construction of the community, thanks to Jerry’s role within Lutheran Services Carolinas. Jerry explained that, in addition, they had the opportunity to shape the community as it came to life because of how early he and Zan made their deposit. In fact, Jerry and Zan were the first two depositors at Trinity Landing! “It’s rewarding from the standpoint of being part of the original group of depositors,” Jerry said.

The Bramleys’ current and future residence

When asked about their plans during this exciting transition, Zan explained that she and Jerry sold their previous house to one of their daughters. “We’re very fortunate that the place we lived in for more than 23 years will still be in the family so we can gather there.

“In addition, our other daughter lives on an adjoining property. The whole family is within a mile of Trinity Landing!” Zan exclaimed. After she and Jerry sold that house, they temporarily moved into an apartment complex in Wrightsville Beach, where they will stay until their move to Trinity Landing in spring of 2022.

Previously, the Bramleys noted that they preferred a two-bedroom villa close to the water. They got exactly what they asked for when they secured their very own Nags Head residence! Jerry noted that the two made a few small customizations to their new home: “We upgraded the countertops, which were already quartz, to a different material. We also upgraded the stove, range, and oven. Other than that, we didn’t touch much. We’re very happy with what was offered. From what Trinity Landing offered, there was a wide variety, and we were able to choose exactly what we wanted, so it was perfect.”

The Bramleys have also received some helpful rightsizing tips from Trinity Landing to prepare their new home and determine what to give away to help with downsizing. “We feel so much lighter,” Zan said.

Plans at this coastal Carolina community

Jerry said it is “difficult” to decide what the couple is most looking forward to at Trinity Landing. However, Jerry notes that he is very excited for the many activities by the water, like fishing. Meanwhile, Zan said that she enjoys being around “like-minded seniors who appreciate the blessing that this community is to all of us. I’m looking forward to the many opportunities and am ready to embrace them.”

However, the couple knows exactly what the first thing they will do when they arrive at Trinity Landing. Jerry said he plans to take Zan and a bottle of wine down to the pavilion by the water and toast to how blessed they’ve become.

Overall, Jerry and Zan are excited about the many opportunities presented to them at the soon-to-be-completed Trinity Landing. Zan said, “We can’t wait. It’s going to be a whole other lifestyle, a whole other volume to our lives. Trinity Landing is going to be a new thing.” If you’re just as excited as Jerry and Zan for our upcoming waterfront senior living community in Wilmington, contact us at 910-398-9400.

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