For those seeking a truly resort-like daily lifestyle that adds the promise of a secure future, Trinity Landing is shaping up to be the perfect senior living destination along North Carolina’s glistening southeastern coast. The point we’d like to focus on here is “shaping up to be,” as construction is moving ahead of schedule and we’ll be welcoming fellow shore-seekers in just a few months!

We recently connected with the construction team from W.M. Jordan, the experienced contractor building this exciting, brand-new community. Randy McNeely, Project Executive, shared lots of details on how things are going down by the water and touched on the teamwork making Trinity Landing possible. Take a look!

Trinity Landing’s crown jewels are taking shape

If you haven’t noticed already—aside from the unbeatable location along the Intracoastal Waterway—the amenities at Trinity Landing will make it truly one of a kind. Randy was quick to mention that as construction of each amenity has progressed, seeing it all come together is proving that it will all be even more impressive than what the team had in mind.

“We’ve had a really good summer and early fall,” Randy noted. “The amenities are really taking shape. The bridge to the island is complete, and we’ve also begun work on the Waterfront Pavilion. The boat dock should begin construction sometime in November, and then the access to the island will be complete.”

If you caught yourself rereading that, you’re probably not alone. Yes, Trinity Landing will have its own amenity-filled island for seaside activities and sun-kissed relaxation!

Back on the mainland, Randy noted that the Trinity Landing Town Center—the hub of this buzzing community—is already coming to life.

“We’re working through rough-ins in the common areas, as well as finishing flooring, painting, and hard and soft tile. The team opted to make some changes to the layout and function of the main kitchen [a key part of Trinity Landing’s multiple restaurant venues] to provide the best-possible experience for residents and staff.”

As for the Saltwater Wellness Center, the indoor heated pool and surrounding amenity areas are really starting to shape up, with Randy noting that the hardscaping, fire pits, courtyards, gazebos, and trellises will all be finished in the next couple of months. Whether you want to go for a solo swim or take a group fitness class with Nate, the Saltwater Wellness Center will be the spot to do so while you live well along the water.

Phase-one homes nearly complete, with more on the way

Of course, after enjoying all the activities and amenities at Trinity Landing, you’ll need a comfortable place to recharge. That’s exactly where the selection of apartment residences and villa homes comes into play. With more than [90] percent of the available residences already reserved, a second group of villa homes was recently added to the Trinity Landing master plan. Randy let us know how the phase-two villa homes are progressing.

“We just received the architectural and engineering drawings for the phase-two villas, and now they’re with New Hanover County for permitting. We’ve been able to order some of the materials so that we can hit the ground running in a couple of months,” he said.

Not to be overlooked, the phase-one villas and apartments are right on track, with Randy noting that progress is far enough on most of those homes to begin landscaping and sidewalk work along the exteriors—some of the final steps before completion. On the inside, drywall is virtually complete throughout, with the W.M. Jordan team going through and completing touch-up painting work now that most fixtures and cabinets are installed.

Teamwork making the dream work

Trinity Landing, when complete, will be a dream realized. With so many moving parts as construction continues, Randy noted a few challenges he and the team have encountered. Fortunately, it’s hard to get in the way of a dream—and a team—like this!

“The biggest challenge has been the supply chain as a result of the pandemic,” Randy explained. “But we have kept a continual focus on working together. The design team has worked with Ann [Pressly, Director of Sales and Marketing] to incorporate any adjustments, and the team has been hitting on all eight cylinders. Everyone steps in and works together to conquer any challenge.”

Randy added that the W.M. Jordan and Trinity Landing teams will simply keep working together and orchestrating what needs to be done. One member of the team, for her part, has taken that to heart.

Bonnie [Skobel, Executive Director] has been a tremendous help,” Randy said. “She has even been out there helping us unload supplies at the site. She has helped elsewhere as we finalize residence selection, and she’s been with Lutheran Services Carolinas for a while, so she knows how much the organization cares about doing it right.”

With a well-coordinated team and nearly 300 construction crew members on-site each week, it won’t be long before the dream of Trinity Landing becomes a reality. In fact, the official opening date that Randy confirmed—May 2022—is three months ahead of the original schedule!

For more photos and construction updates, hop over to the Trinity Landing Facebook page or see the special construction timeline page on our website. And if you want to make Trinity Landing a part of your dream retirement while residences remain, click here or call 910-398-9400 today!

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