At Trinity Landing, we are excited to open our doors to our future residents soon. Residents are already gearing up to move and have begun downsizing. One resident, Tracy, had the opportunity to work with an interior designer to start her journey at Trinity Landing. Get to know Tracy and more about her upcoming move to the Rodanthe villa.

Tracy’s friendships and relationship to Trinity Landing

Tracy has been friends with her interior designer, Meg, since they both were 16 years old. The two grew up in the New England area. However, Tracy has been living in Wilmington, NC for nearly 25 years. Tracy has lived in her current home for several years. “We raised two boys and it’s a lovely old house.” However, Tracy knew that she didn’t want to deal with the maintenance of owning a home. “It’s harder to mow the lawn, clean the gutters, paint the inside of the house and all that stuff. You have a choice – you can hire it out, but even then, you’re still responsible for the house.”

Tracy first encountered Trinity Landing at a fundraiser, where she spoke with one of the members of the Trinity Landing team, Ann Pressly Director of Marketing and Sales. After chatting with a few of her friends, Tracy discovered that they were choosing to live at Trinity Landing as well. After learning more about our organization, Tracy said she was impressed with Trinity Landing. “The fact that Trinity Landing is a non-profit, had a faith-based element to it, was on the Intracoastal – it’s all amazing and very beautiful. The land itself was gorgeous. We thought we could have the opportunity to live on the water, which we always wanted to do, but without all the headaches.” On top of it, Tracy said that her future neighbors and the kind-hearted staff at Trinity Landing make her excited to welcome her to her new home. “We’ve met some nice people that are going and even have some other friends going to Trinity Landing. I think it’ll be a great community. Seniors tend to isolate as they age. However, when you’re at a place like Trinity Landing that’s impossible to do. You’re surrounded by nice people and staff that care about you, it’s a unique opportunity.”

Choosing her home and furniture

Tracy knew from the beginning of her journey with Trinity Landing that she wanted one of our beautiful and luxurious villas. “We opted for a Villa with a first floor. That was important to me. Although I loved my views from the second floor, I like being able to walk out my door and not have to get in an elevator to let the dog out,” she explained. Tracy picked which specific villa she wanted based on price point. The Rodanthe was the perfectly sized and priced home for her. “My husband and I can make it work because we’re not going to be sitting around. We’re going to be out kayaking or sitting in the art studio doing something creative.” However, Tracy was ready to anticipate the challenges with the new move. “The Rodanthe villa is 1,260 square feet. My current home is about 2,700 square feet,” she explained. So, Tracy called her friend and interior designer, Meg, to support her rightsizing efforts.

Tracy and Meg had a particular vision for her new home. “Right now, I have this 80-year-old house with traditional furniture, some family antiques, and a Victorian couch. The Rodanthe is new and modern, so we wanted to reflect this in my furniture choices,” Tracy explained.

Meg’s job was made easier because of Trinity Landing’s excellent home customization options. Tracy said, “Trinity Landing did the right thing in terms of design. You’d have maybe four paints to choose from, two carpets to choose from and three kinds of wood or vinyl flooring. They made it very easy because they did the initial choosing, and I must say, they were very good.”

When asked how Tracy’s vision came to life, she remarked, “There’s a difference between a designer who is an expert on space, color and light versus someone who has good taste. I’m someone with decent taste. I think a good designer will pay a lot of attention to the individual client and incorporate their client’s vision. Meg and I are very similar, we wanted something modern but not too modern, something transitional.” Tracy further explained, “I wanted something too modern but not traditional and something that was clean and airy, but not too beachy.” Meg visited Tracy and the two spent a lot of time in furniture stores. In fact, Meg plans to come down in April and will continue assisting Tracy with the selection of the furniture for her home.

Key factors in Tracy’s furniture collection included storage and flexibility. “You don’t want to lock yourself into buying furniture that can only go on one wall or that the space can only work in one way. Your life changes all the time and you’ve got to have a space that’s multifunctional.” To that end, Tracy made sure that her space was used as effectively as possible. The main living area will be used for bookshelves, her television, and a place to sit and watch tv or entertain. However, Tracy noted that “Trinity Landing has a fabulous private dining room that seats 26 free of charge,” which she plans on using for large gatherings. Meanwhile, the spacious second bedroom in the Rodanthe villa will be a combination guest room and Tracy’s husband’s office. Meanwhile, in the main bedroom, Tracy will have her bed, a table and filing cabinet that is her space.

If you’re just as excited about maintenance-free retirement living alongside your like-minded peers, consider joining us at Trinity Landing. Our community is opening soon and we still have a few residences available that can become your dream home. To learn more, contact us at 910-398-9400.

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