As a senior, it can be difficult to determine whether staying at home or moving to a retirement community is the right decision for you. Which will allow you to live the best life possible? At a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), you’ll find plenty of opportunities to achieve wellness and more freedom to enjoy your time. Before you commit to aging in place, discover some of the benefits of living at a CCRC.

Peace of mind for your future health needs

CCRCs, also known as Life Plan Communities, are designed for active seniors looking for long-term convenience, no matter how their needs may evolve in the future. Unlike a 55+ community, this type of community also offers many levels of care. Most provide a continuum that includes independent living, assisted living, rehabilitation, and memory care.

Trinity Landing is brought to you by the same organization that brought you Wilmington, NC’s well-known Trinity Grove health center, just two miles down the road. You and your family can rest easy knowing that, if ever needed, priority access to Trinity Grove is part of your lifelong retirement plan. You can access short-term rehabilitation (for a fast return to independent living), memory care, long-term care, or skilled nursing should your needs change. Consider this your safety net for the future. In fact, in a recent study by ProMatura International, researchers found that residents of retirement communities feel safer and more secure. Overall, they know protection is in place for them if their needs should change.

Physical wellness is easy to achieve

You’ll also never have to worry about the stressors of cooking and keeping a balanced diet. At Trinity Landing, we have an amazing dining program that is run by top-tier chefs ready to serve you. Choose from a variety of nutritious options each day, and make sure the CCRC you’re considering has a wellness center on campus. Explore Trinity Landing’s top-notch fitness facility, including equipment such as Keiser pneumatic resistance machines for every muscle group. You could also take a dip in the pool for fun activities like aquatic volleyball. All of this will help you maintain your physical well-being, one of the seven dimensions of wellness.

Social and emotional benefits

Beyond the physical advantages, research derived from the ongoing Health and Retirement Study (HRS)  indicates that residents of CCRCs have more social, intellectual, and vocational wellness compared to seniors aging in place. This means that those who live in a CCRC are more likely to be involved with their friends, active outside their residences, and engaged in a variety of social events. As you weigh your options, take a closer look at the location of the community, the people who’ve chosen to live there, and the lifestyle they offer.

Trinity Landing, for example, is perfectly located along the Intracoastal Waterway in Wilmington, NC. Residents will have access to all the shopping, dining, educational, and cultural pursuits downtown, as well as the many local beaches. Our community will arrange group outings to the theater and other forms of entertainment. Further, plenty of parties, clubs, on-site lectures, volunteer opportunities, and more will be accessible without needing to leave the campus.

Plus, ProMatura International researchers found that seniors who live in retirement communities stay healthier longer, are more active, and are less likely to experience loneliness, one of the top risks for severe illnesses. In fact, many self-report fuller social calendars and less isolation. Between the community calendar and spontaneous connections, such as get-togethers with friends or simply sharing a meal with a fellow neighbor, you’ll find ample opportunities to socialize. Moving to a CCRC brings the added benefit of welcoming neighbors who are always ready to enjoy a meal, fitness class, or walk around the neighborhood.

The freedom retirement brings

To maximize these many perks, what you really need is the time and the freedom to enjoy it as you please. Think about the number of hours you currently spend maintaining your home, and imagine what you could do if you never had to mow the lawn or clean your gutters again. CCRCs offer maintenance-free living, so you can focus on enjoying the numerous amenities available on campus and pursuing what you love.

Life Plan Communities like Trinity Landing often provide plenty of opportunities to explore new hobbies. For example, you can visit our art studio to create your newest masterpiece. Or visit the nearby University of North Carolina Wilmington, and take any continuing education course that will help you grow your mind and your social circle. You could consider joining a club for birdwatching, photography, fishing, or more to pursue intriguing interests and make new friends. No matter how you choose to spend your time, you’re free to pursue your true passions at a CCRC.

If you’re interested in retiring at one of the top CCRCs in Wilmington, consider retiring at Trinity Landing. Our community welcomes all looking for active senior living in a resort-like retirement setting. Contact us now at 910-398-9400 for more information. Don’t wait – we only have a few homes left!

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