With any major life decision, such as moving to a community for active seniors like the soon-to-be-built Trinity Landing, cost is a key consideration. Of course, at this stage in your life, you want to maintain your independence and enjoy the lifestyle you’ve earned, while knowing you have security for the future.

Security for the future comes in many forms and includes long-term considerations like knowing that your assets will be preserved, or knowing that you have priority access to healthcare should the need arise. Communities like Trinity Landing, especially if they offer a variety of flexible contract options, can provide that security – and much more – at a value that may surprise you.

With so many services included and a secure future guaranteed, the Trinity Landing cost is actually a surprising value.

Comparing the costs

You may have already considered the idea of staying in your house, but from a financial perspective, staying home certainly isn’t “free.” Consider what “line items” your monthly (or annual) expenses include, and you’ll probably have a list like this:

  • Property taxes
  • Home maintenance and repairs
  • Landscaping and yard service
  • Utilities (electricity, water, internet, etc.)
  • Dining and entertainment (including groceries)

When totaling all of those items, on top of a monthly mortgage payment, you may be shocked when you see the grand total.

By contrast, Trinity Landing will take the worry out of the picture by providing a vast array of services and access to life-enriching amenities and experiences for a fixed monthly fee that may be lower than your current monthly expenses. Your actual monthly fee will depend on the residence you choose, but it will remain steady and predictable unlike often-unexpected (and costly) home or appliance repairs.

Peace of mind for today and for tomorrow

All residents of Trinity Landing will have priority access to healthcare, should the need arise, at our nearby sister community, Trinity Grove. So, while you enjoy your residence along the Intracoastal Waterway, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have a plan.

Additionally, some contract options at Trinity Landing allow partial refunds of your entrance fee to preserve your hard-earned assets. With these details in mind, Trinity Landing will provide long-term security for your health and wealth.

Valuable services and amenities, in a priceless location

With so many aspects of life included and taken care of, you will find that Trinity Landing’s monthly service package not only provides you financial stability but also more time to enjoy the waterfront lifestyle. You’ll no longer have to spend time on yardwork or housekeeping and can enjoy the unbeatable amenities instead.

You’ll have access to the wellness and fitness center, restaurant-style dining, waterside recreation pavilion and more. And with a location so close to the best of what Wilmington has to offer, Trinity Landing really has it all.

If you’re thinking about your next step and considering a community like Trinity Landing, our knowledgeable team of senior living advisors would happily discuss the details and help guide you toward the best decision for you. To get in touch, simply click here or call 910-398-9400 today.

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