While considering their next step, Clancy and Susan Thompson heard about the upcoming Trinity Landing community through friends. Interested in the vacation-like lifestyle in a coastal location, they joined their friends for a tour of the property. After touring the site, speaking to the friendly and enthusiastic Trinity Landing team, and meeting some soon-to-be residents, the Thompsons decided to make Trinity Landing their future home.

Clancy and Sue joined the Trinity Landing Founder's Club because they wanted to create something new at this soon-to-be-built community.

When the community opens in 2022, you will find them kayaking in the water, creating art in their brand-new Ocracoke apartment home, and spending some time in the sun with their new neighbors and old friends. They are proud members of the Trinity Landing Founder’s Club.

The next step

Clancy and Susan are both passionate and accomplished creative professionals. With a degree in playwriting, drama, and speech, Clancy put his focus on bringing creativity into his community and into education. He served as executive director of the Westport Arts Center in Connecticut, where he focused on providing youth programming and featuring local artists. Since then, he has transitioned more into visual arts, which he does with Susan, a photographer and potter.

With so much passion and energy, the Thompsons had to evaluate the restrictions of their current living situation. “As you age, you have to start looking at the realities of aging and planning accordingly,” Clancy shared. He continued by noting that there are always “lots of things you can’t do now that you could have done earlier.”

The Thompsons own an acre of land, and they don’t want to spend their time and energy on its upkeep. Additionally, they own a two-story house and want to rightsize to a one-story home to enjoy the convenience of one-floor living. They want to make these changes earlier rather than later, always remaining forward-thinking. That is part of the reason they were attracted to the prospect of a soon-to-be-built community like Trinity Landing.

“We’re not ready to go right away,” says Clancy. “This gives us time to deal with the stuff… to get rid of things we don’t need any more and to make decisions.”

Soon, Clancy and Susan will be free from their restrictions and obligations. Instead of doing household chores, they can spend their time on whatever they want, whether that be making art, taking classes, or simply soaking in a coastal sunset with their new friends and a cool iced tea.

A thriving community

For Clancy and Susan, meeting the Trinity Landing team and fellow future residents was a huge part of their decision. “I think it’s critically important to be in a supportive community with rituals and a sense of belonging,” Clancy said. “And [at Trinity Landing], there is a sense of community already, and I really enjoyed being with and talking to them.”

The social engagement and sense of belonging aren’t the only benefits of an active community like Trinity Landing. For a couple as culturally, physically, and intellectually engaged as Clancy and Susan, staying “in shape” in every aspect of their lives is paramount. Luckily, Trinity Landing has these opportunities in abundance. Clancy is already an avid kayaker, so the ability to jump in a kayak and explore the Intracoastal Waterway or Masonboro Island is very appealing. There is also a plethora of opportunities for continued education at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, and regular group outings involve attending theater and art events. Moreover, the maintenance-free lifestyle allows them to continue putting their energy into their own art.

Clancy and Susan also share a love for the group fitness program run by Nate Futrell. Clancy says, “Nate is a skilled leader. It’s nice to be challenged by him and others. [The group fitness classes] give you a sense of community and who you’re going to be living with.” The Thompsons enjoy the group fitness classes including yoga, weight training, and water activities such as aqua therapy.

With a maintenance-free lifestyle, beautiful location, and a vibrant, growing community already connecting with each other, Clancy and Susan are eager to join Trinity Landing on the ground floor. “It’s exciting,” says Clancy, “I’ve always been involved with creating new things. I started a theater and a biscotti baking business, and I’ve been involved in starting an aesthetic ed program in Pennsylvania… And now everyone who is in [Trinity Landing] is a founder of a new creation.”

If you’re interested in joining Clancy and Susan in creating a unique and active community at Trinity Landing, call 910-398-9400 or click here to schedule an appointment with us.

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