Why did Gayle and David Ward choose Trinity Landing? “We’re active!”

One of the great things about moving to Trinity Landing will be meeting new neighbors like Gayle and David Ward. These Trinity Landing depositors are one active Wilmington couple! “We’re so excited to move to our new place at ‘The Landing’ as we are already calling it—and retire overlooking the water,” Gayle exclaimed recently. “We wish we could move in now!”

Gayle and David are ready to downsize and hand over the big family home in Wilmington to their daughter, her husband and two of their four grandchildren. “We went to our first informative meeting about a proposed active retirement community on the Intracoastal here in Wilmington,” says Gayle, “…and we took out our checkbook and made a deposit then and there!” 

When asked “Why Trinity Landing?” Gayle’s immediate and laughter-filled response was, “We’re verrrry active! We have a boat and we’re hoping for one of the nine boat slips that will be available at Trinity Landing. I’ve been a big part of the North Carolina Azalea Festival for 37 years coming up this April. I’ve made them promise I can get my hands in the dirt at Trinity Landing and do some gardening there!”

The Wards are also avid travelers. They’re delighted that living at Trinity Landing will make travelling so much easier. “We have four grandkids coast to coast,” said Gayle. “We have a ball! We just got back from California. Our son and his family live in Newport Beach. We got there, loaded up our two grandsons and took off for Universal Studios all day. And also the Ronald Reagan Museum…” Maintenance-free living at Trinity Landing will mean their beautiful residence will be lovingly cared for whenever they leave town. The process is so much simpler than making arrangements for the upkeep of a big house.

Gayle and David have their hearts set on a Villa overlooking the water and are eagerly awaiting the day when floor plans become available for depositors like themselves to start choosing their dream coastal retirement residences.

Gayle says she went by the proposed site for Trinity Landing earlier in the week.  “They are clearing just a few trees, not overdoing it—so you can see how beautiful it is. They are doing it right! I was so excited that there is action going on,” she reported.

“We look forward to meeting our new neighbors,” she continued. “We met two couples who were in our church who have also put down deposits.”

“We tell everyone about Trinity Landing,” Gayle laughed. “I’m the best marketer! These three years will go so fast…and we can’t wait. We like to have fun. We know ‘The Landing’ will let us keep on doing that.”

She closed with, “And you can bet there will be a Gardening Club with yours truly starting it!”

To find out more about whether Trinity Landing is the right choice for you, give us a call at 910-398-9400, or click here and request more information on the benefits of a CCRC!

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