One thing that sets Trinity Landing apart from other retirement communities in North Carolina is our friendly staff. One experienced staff member, Ann Pressly, director of marketing and sales, has been with Trinity Landing since the conception of the community in 2017. She has truly connected with future residents and staff to create a delightful, fun, and beautiful community. Get to know Ann’s background, what her day is like, and what she believes makes Trinity Landing so unique.

Ann’s background in senior living

Ann has been part of the healthcare and retirement field for more than 34 years. She worked as a physical therapy assistant for nearly 26 years. 12 years into her career field, Ann joined Lutheran Services Carolinas, a nonprofit organization serving seniors in North Carolina. Since then, she has been partnered with Lutheran Services Carolinas for nearly 22 years. While Ann initially worked as PRN therapist for approximately a year, she was then promoted to the director of rehabilitation at Trinity Oaks Health and Rehab in Salisbury, North Carolina. In this position, she also partnered with the marketing director at Trinity Oaks. “I was really marketing the full Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) model,” she explained.

Eventually, Lutheran Services Carolinas approached Ann and asked if she was interested in a lateral career move – to become the director of marketing and sales for the independent retirement part of the commununity in Salisbury, Trinity Oaks. After five years, Ann and her team raised the community occupancy to nearly 100 percent. Ann praised Lutheran Services Carolinas, saying that they “present opportunities and promotions that utilize our skills.”

Joining Trinity Landing

Later, Lutheran Services Carolinas asked Ann if she would be interested in moving to Wilmington to become a part of the exciting, upcoming community, Trinity Landing. Although Ann was originally uncertain of the move, once she saw the beautiful beach right at Trinity Landing’s doorstep, she was drawn in. As someone who was raised in the country, she felt a natural connection to the water. In fact, Ann remarks that “from that moment, I knew Trinity Landing was where I was supposed to be.”

Even though Trinity Landing was not under construction yet, Ann worked on marketing efforts for the organization. She began working on Trinity Landing’s website and brochures to distribute to the local community.

A day in the life of Ann

Ann’s typical day involves meeting many people and “guiding them through their retirement journey.” She explains that she enjoys being part of seniors’ research on the next steps in their life. She said that the “brick and mortar” is not the first part of the conversation with older adults. Instead, Ann chooses to listen to what seniors are looking for in their retirement lifestyle. She says, “It’s very rewarding to help seniors plan. I love what I do. Honestly, my favorite part of the job is seeing someone make a decision for the next chapter of their life to call Trinity Landing home.”

After hearing the seniors’ reasons for their search for a retirement community, Ann then gives them a tour of the beautiful Intracoastal Waterway. Ann joked that Lutheran Services Carolinas got her hooked on Trinity Landing the same way she draws in depositors for our community. “My heart was just wrapped by the water. I thought, ‘if it could do that for me, it’s going to do that for everyone.’ As I take seniors down there, they mentally sign the contract right there. Honestly, I should just take my paperwork with me!”

What makes Trinity Landing so special?

Ann notes that Trinity Landing is truly a unique community. “The programming and layout are nice. However, our community is different because it’s on the Intracoastal Waterway.” She also talks about the unique design of the community. Trinity Landing is spread across 50 acres of land. The community truly integrates the natural environment and the outdoors into its independent living. “We sewed the outdoors into the inside and the inside into the outside,” Ann said.

In addition, Trinity Landing is a Continuing Care Retirement community, also known as a CCRC. If you ever need higher levels of care, you can rest easy knowing that those services are available just over a mile down the road at Trinity Grove. If your loved one needs these higher levels of care, you can confidently hop on a shuttle that will take you between the campuses.

What’s more is that Trinity Landing designs programs that include multiple levels of living. Ann expresses that, “No matter if you have a partner, spouse, or best friend that you want to participate in something going on, we will always make sure that you two remain connected and part of one another’s lives.”

Ann also mentions that Trinity Landing is at the perfect location in Wilmington. She says, “Trinity Landing speaks for itself. The location is divine. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s almost like you’re on vacation! You’ll see boats, paddle boarders, kayakers, and fishermen all going by. You can see the sunrise over the ocean and smell the fresh salty air. Why wouldn’t you want to live here?” Ann went on to explain that she often takes the time to enjoy the Wilmington area and amenities. She plays disc golf, rides bikes, goes on picnics, and goes out to dinner with her friendly teammates, residents, and future residents.

As a faith-based, not-for-profit organization, Trinity Landing’s mission is to “walk together with those we serve,” Ann says. “We want our staff to serve our seniors. You must serve and take care of our residents.” Despite this, Trinity Landing is welcoming to staff and residents from all faiths and walks of life.

With Trinity Landing opening soon, now is the time to make a deposit at our beautiful waterfront community. Ann has called future residents her “family,” and she’s excited to welcome you to become part of it. To learn more about our amazing beachside community, contact us at 910-398-9400.

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