When it comes to choosing an active senior living community, you’ll find that a lot of 55+ communities in Wilmington attempt to provide the lifestyle you’ll find at Trinity Landing. Our location on the Intracoastal Waterway, stellar amenities, and top-notch care are all very popular in the senior living world. However, there is something unique to Trinity Landing that no other Continuing Care Retirement Community in North Carolina can truly replicate: our community spirit. Between the enthusiasm and dedication of the staff to the energy and friendliness of the future residents, Trinity Landing boasts a youthful, vibrant spirit that you won’t find anywhere else.

Maintaining an active lifestyle

Your future neighbors aren’t coming to Trinity Landing to just sit in their residence! They are coming to live life to the fullest. Many are interested in the waterfront lifestyle, where you can adventure out in a kayak to Masonboro Island or visit the local beaches. The Trinity Landing team has bolstered this appeal with the addition of the Waterfront Pavilion, a perfect place to organize activities, bonfires, and get-togethers.

Others may be joining Trinity Landing because of the myriad ways to stay active on campus. To help encourage this spirit, Nate Futrell, Director of Health and Wellness Services, began leading fitness classes for depositors early in development. Not only did this give future residents a taste of Trinity Landing’s wellness offerings, but also it gave future neighbors a chance to meet each other! In fact, for some people, it was these get-togethers that led them to finalize their deposit.

Charlie and Karen Reap, for instance, were excited to see that the future residents of Trinity Landing shared their mindset of “trying to stay young and well.” According to Charlie, “I want to be around happy and lively people. That’s what we found at Trinity Landing.”

Friends you haven’t met

The future residents of Trinity Landing bring more to the community than their vibrant lifestyle. They are also incredibly friendly! This is part of the reason the Trinity Landing team has gone out of their way to cultivate relationships between future residents with events and fitness classes. We want to help build the warm, welcoming community you always dreamed of moving to. If you want to meet the future residents yourself, click here to read about some of our proud depositors!

You have probably recognized the pattern by now. The passionate and friendly team attracts passionate and friendly people. When those people express their interests and passions, we add to Trinity Landing to bolster their youthful lifestyles. And then we host events with those friendly people and draw in other like-minded folks! And now, Trinity Landing is nearly 80%
reserved by some of the most fun, engaged people we know.

Call it our southern charm! We are here for good food, great company, new adventures, and beautiful vistas. Before you know it, you’ll be sitting by the Intracoastal Waterway with your new friends, sipping a sweet iced tea, and enjoying the coastal breeze. At Trinity Landing, there is no such thing as strangers…only friends you haven’t met!

To learn more about what Trinity Landing has to offer, call 910-398-9400 or click here to schedule a safe 1-on-1 appointment!

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