As the official opening of Trinity Landing approaches, the first of our depositors have already started moving in. And while the road to our opening has thrown a few more curves than expected, the extra time has given us a gift of the unexpected — the ability for our staff to forge relationships with our new and soon-to-be residents. Through a continuing series of get-togethers and events, our staff has had the unexpected pleasure of getting to spend time with and know our future residents — before the first person ever moved in.

According to Trinity Landing’s Director of Marketing and Sales, Ann Pressly, the events begun during construction continue unabated. “Wine Down Tuesday (aka Sip Sip Hooray),” she says, “happens every Tuesday with live music, dancing food and drinks as well as an open bar. This Tuesday event was designed to purposely allow time for management to serve and interact with residents, build relationships and give them and potential residents the opportunity to meet and mingle. I started this event at our sister community, Trinity Oaks in Salisbury, and the residents and staff love it. It’s still going strong today.”

Although the delayed opening contributed to the staff getting to know depositors and new residents, Ann says a lot of thought and hard work went into making these connections possible. “I have personally been with many of these residents since my first event, which was on September 26, 2017,” she says.  “I haven’t stopped since. We’ve been using these events to help cultivate relationships between the staff and new residents. A number of us have grown very close. Nate Futrell, a member of my team, has also bonded with depositors over these past few years. Together we’ve used opportunities to dine out and enjoy time together in the greater community. We’ve been calling Trinity Landing a community without walls for years!”

Years? “Yes,” Ann replies. “There have been ongoing events and outings five days a week for years. Now that we’re in punch list meetings, we’ve had to pull back until the official opening. But after that, we plan on going full-speed, seven days a week.”

Trinity Landing’s Life Enrichment Director, Candy Haynes plans and runs all our depositor and resident events. “However, there are residents who have been helping. And now that they’re physically moving in, a bunch of them are really asking to help now. There’s already a resident-led book club. And now there’s even a resident-led disc golf outings on Fridays,” Ann added.

This is all the more impressive for a community that hasn’t even cut the ribbon yet. But since Trinity Landing is all about community, it makes perfect sense. Between the social events and planned activities, the residents of Trinity Landing have an incredible number of choices in front of them. According to Ann, “Residents can choose between kayaking, canoeing, boating, pickleball, tennis, walking and running, golfing, fishing, bird watching, metal detecting, dance classes, book clubs, gardening, art classes, pottery, Bible studies, grilling, cooking classes, music lessons, quilting, painting, lifelong learning classes via our future program, Trinity Landing University and the OLLI program, trips, outings, mystery trips, and so much more.”

With moving trucks bringing in new residents on an almost daily basis, a beautiful campus filled with first-class amenities and a social program that began long before the first depositors arrived, the staff at Trinity Landing have already established a bond between themselves and their new residents. Pretty amazing when you consider this is only the beginning.

If you’d like to learn more about Trinity Landing, you can start today. Contact us at (910) 398-9400 to schedule your visit and discover for yourself the incredible life waiting for you.

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